We are proud to be working with the following charities

5th February 2020 | East of England Arena and Events Centre
Deafblind uk
There are 400,000 people in the UK with combined sight and hearing loss. Losing your sight and hearing means that it is much harder to communicate with people, get around safely, remain independent and maintain life quality. We look after 4000 people in England and Wales through our free services.
Little People UK (LPUK) was co-founded in January 2012 by actor Warwick Davis, his
wife Samantha and a group of individuals with the same goal; to offer friendship and
support to people with dwarfism, their families and friends, and helping build a positive
future for those individuals. Since it’s inception, LPUK has become a registered charity
and an essential resource for the social, medical and financial needs of the little people
community in the UK. To date, it has attracted over 300 members, along with support from
highly respected doctors and physiotherapists, with a particular interest in helping
individuals with dwarfism.
Over five years LPUK has held Annual Conventions, along with other smaller events/
workshops throughout the year, created a new website, developed an Equipment Loan
Scheme and released a guidebook on DLA/PIP transition. Delegates also attended the
2016 International Dwarfism Leadership Summit in Berlin.
LPUK relies solely on fundraisers to sustain the support we offer our members, every
contribution is essential.
LPUK employs one member of staff and has a volunteer committee; made up of people
with dwarfism and average height individuals, making for a very fair and compassionate
group who can meet the needs of everyone.
No gain no pain
What is a syringe driver?
It is a small portable computerised machine that delivers pain relief and other drugs in palliative care. They can help patients remain comfortable at home with their loved ones instead of going into hospital or a hospice. One machine costs £1100 and can help so many during its working lifetime. Many areas share small numbers of these vital machines.

No Gain No Pain UK (NGNPUK) are a small local charity raising money for syringe drivers to be used in local communities.

Through bitter experience Louise Nicholls and her family found that there were a limited number of these machines available when her dad needed one in to manage his pain at home in December 2013.

After more research Louise found that many local towns and villages shared just one or two machines to cover large areas with some patient’s requiring more than one machine at a time to help with managing pain.

In 2015 along with her husband Lee and friend Samantha Carter they began fundraising to supply more machines for local communities and No Gain No Pain was formed.

To date, NGNPUK have donated 91 new syringe drivers to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Foundation Trust, all to be used within the local communities by the district nurses. Alongside this, we also donate handmade bags.

All the bags are made by volunteers and make a big difference to the patients and their families. They are something more personal to put the syringe driver into at their bedside.

Not many people know about these machines and sadly it’s not until someone you love needs one that you would. No one should have to wait. 60 seconds is a minute too long!

We also aim to raise awareness of syringe drivers and the vital role they play in palliative care.

We have had some amazing support over the past 4 years and without it people would still be going without these machines.

We are so grateful for all the help we have had and we know from letter and messages we receive it is making a real difference to people out in our communities.

The charity continue to fundraise and are currently running an “Early Bird Christmas Fayre” at the Eastrea Centre near Whittlesey on 3rd November 2019


Family Voice 
We are a local registered charitable incorporated organisation who is actively seeking to improve services in all areas of the lives of children and young people with disabilities or additional needs. We are here for parents and carers of children and young people aged 0—25 years with a disability or additional needs.

We are the designated Department for Education (DfE) parent/carer forum for Peterborough and are unique in what we offer with regard to provision for parents, carers, children and young people, and in how we work in engaging and facilitating co-production with key strategic forums through the commissioning of services.

We are all parents and carers of children and young people with disabilities /additional needs OR have significant relevant knowledge of this area. We have a committee of Trustees supported by a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, but our greatest asset is the open forum group of parents and carers who are fundamental to our purpose.

As Family Voice is an umbrella organisation, we are also able to support other charitable organisations in terms of fundraising and co-production.

As a charity and the parent carer forum for Peterborough we aspire to be the first port of call when a diagnosis has been made of a child with a disability, additional need or life long illness. We would aim to offer parent/carers more opportunities to get involved, not only improving services but also in more activities within their communities, so that they don’t feel isolated.

We are the strategic lead in parent carer participation across all sectors involving education, health and social care. As the charity is pan disability we want to expand on working with other organisations who work primarily with families who have children of a specific disability or additional need.