How To Attract Your Target Audience To Your Business Stand

Business exhibitions are a brilliant way of showcasing your business and a great way to enable you to network with prospective client. The downside of business exhibitions, unless you play it right, is that there are large numbers of people that are exhibiting at other stands or visiting the business exhibition. This can make it […]

Biscuit Stand Essentials

In other blog posts we talk about what marketing materials you need for the business fair in Cambridgeshire, how to train your employees, a checklist for the business fair, to think about what you want from the event and the reason you are attending – but there are also some essential things you need for […]

The Peterborough Biscuit Business Exhibition Countdown

The 3rd Peterborough Biscuit business exhibition takes place on Wednesday 6th February and we have put together a countdown for the event including what you should be doing at each stage to ensure that this business exhibition will be a huge success for your business. NOW – Get that stand booked right now. Consider the […]