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Peterborough Biscuit Business Exhibition are pleased to welcome back Sphere RHSM as sponsors for the Peterborough Biscuit 2022. They have been sponsors of our amazing business exhibition for 6 years, totalling 5 events. Sphere RHSM were the founders and creators of the Peterborough Biscuit and have been strong supporters since.
So, who are Sphere RHSM? They are a Peterborough based health and safety business. Sphere RHSM have a team of highly experienced health and safety consultants that work with business owners and their teams. They do this to protect a business, the employees, the assets and the reputation of the business too.
The team of health and safety consultants at Sphere RHSM offer responsible and realistic health and safety advice based on the risk to your business. This advice is always simple to understand and easy to implement.
When Sphere RHSM asked their clients to describe the services and culture of the business, over 95% of their clients stated that they were excellent with regards to advice and service provision. The words inclusive, patient, diverse. Collaborative, solution driven, dynamic, supportive and educational were frequently used when talking about the business too.
Sphere RHSM are a huge part of the Peterborough Biscuit. They support us with the setting up on the event, the health and safety needs of the event and the care of our attendees and exhibitors. The team has also helped support and advise us with the ever-changing Covid rules and regulations to ensure everyone is safe at the event. We are very pleased that Sphere RHSM have chosen to support and sponsor the biggest business exhibition in the area, once again.
If you are looking to run a large event, need health and safety advice for your business or require the details of a health and safety company for the future – make sure you stop by the stand of Sphere RHSM at the Peterborough Biscuit. They can be found at stand number G2.