The Top 5 Qs

Hello, It’s Me, Edward Event Organiser of The Peterborough Biscuit here to talk about something very interesting.

Today I shall be answering the all mighty top 5 questions people ask me as an event organiser of The Peterborough Biscuit.


Question 1. Why should I exhibit?

If you market your business but don’t use exhibitions as a channel to market yourself WHY? Exhibitions are a great way to expose your business, be a part of that specific club and to have an in with the other businesses in the room. How much would you pay to be a part of a captured audience of over 100 business? I know I would pay a lot, over 100 chances to get business and you have something already in common with them so they could even be a warm lead, wow!

In the past five years we have had a resurgence in people exhibiting at various exhibitions, and even more exhibitions themselves, which means they must be a reason why they exist and are working.

If you are serious about your business and wanting to grow it you have to add exhibitions part of your marketing strategy, I know they can be expensive but you don’t have to go to them all, be targeted, just like the rest of your marketing, if you want to expose yourself to a Peterborough business then you best be at The Peterborough Biscuit if you want to be known in the London business market well then you need to be at a London business exhibition. In addition to Permixon, Cialis greatly facilitates my erection. In daily use, however, it is quite expensive – well, I say this because it is not covered by my insurance. I definitely get some headaches if I switch to a stronger dose, and the pain gets stronger during sex. Also, I noticed some small extra volumes of seminal fluid – does anyone on have any idea if that could be due to Cialis?

Exhibitions work simples

Question 2. What’s my return on investment/ROI?

The above is very simple to answer – what does a return mean to you, is it money, is it more contacts, is it new suppliers. Again be targeted in what you want, if its money then you need a hitlist, get to know who the other exhibitors are do your homework. You cannot simply turn up and expect to get business as that would be something rather special, you need to identify who you want to get business and who they are, the majority of us would love a large contract giving us lots of money per month however the large business may not need to be there, thye may be filling another requirement. Think about the smaller business who may use your business might only be once, but a sale is a sale no matter how large or small.

Question 3. How do I decorate my stand?

I would always consult a professional first, use the exhibitions preferred suppliers if at all possible, we work closely with several printers who all exhibit and know exactly what requirements you will need. As will other exhibitions, they may offer you certain discounts or add ins if you go with them which is excellent news. I would suggest something eye catching and something different from your competitors, our other business is health and safety so we have to be very out the box for people to understand and realise what we do and get our sale, so if you’re an accountant do you have a large pig roaming around directing people to your stand, do you use a tv characters, do you use floor stickers, there are various options you can use to attract people to your stand, and once your audience is there make that sale.


Question 4. Footfall?

Now this one can be rather irritating to answer, as yes we all love to see thousands of people through the door however the majority of those people do not want to do business they are magpies essentially wanting to pick your prize merchandise which if you want to throw money away you can do, but isn’t it better to do business? Also you could have millions of people through the door however it is never enough someone will always say oh there wasn’t enough footfall, which you could say is a reflection on them and not the event itself.

I think so and I’m sure you will agree, I wouldn’t worry about the footfall I would worry about the other exhibitors in the room, you have possibly up to 100 business in a room with you already having a warm lead into that business, you are exhibiting together so you already have common ground to discuss what you could do together.

Question 5. What do I do with all my leads?

So you’re finished from the exhibition you’ve either won some champagne or better someone’s services for a discount or maybe for free. So what do you do with that bowl full of business cards I am guessing you are wanting to gain business from those business card.

Firstly lets think about GDPR as we have to, I would say that you and the owner of the business card has enough legitimate interest so you can email each other, however if you do want to be 100 percent sure then you can get their sign off on a sheet next to it.

So the next stage is to market to those people who gave you their business card, now this can take several different options but they do say it takes 5-7 points of contact roughly before you get the business, now if you think that you may have had two or three points of contact depending on the conversation, which means you may only need a further 4 or maybe a further 2 which could be a phone call, an email, a social media post, a postcard anything to remind them of who you are.

Personally I think the best way is a blended approach, start with a email, then a phone call, then try a direct mail, follow that up with a phone call, so when you finally get the business you get celebrate it, whether that be on social media or anything else, you’ve worked hard and people should see that.

So there you have it the top 5 questions I get asked while organising The Peterborough Biscuit. If you haven’t got your stand yet well you know who to call.