Biscuit Stand Essentials

In other blog posts we talk about what marketing materials you need for the business fair in Cambridgeshire, how to train your employees, a checklist for the business fair, to think about what you want from the event and the reason you are attending – but there are also some essential things you need for a business fair that you may not have even considered.

Of course, you will need things like business cards, flyers, marketing materials and such like, but we aren’t even talking about things like that. We are talking about the real nitty-gritty things that will make you kick yourself when you forget them on the day!

A Table & Chair – speak to the organisers to see if tables and chairs are supplied, if you need to pay extra or if you need to bring your own. Arriving on the day and finding that you needed to pre-book a table will not be the best way to start the business exhibition.

Electrics – Do you need electrics for your stand and does this need to be pre-booked and paid for in advance. Also, consider if you need an extension lead for the electrics to reach where you need them.

Pens – Not only will you need pens to write notes yourself, but your pens will be taken by visitors too. Think about how many pens you need and take 5 times more. They won’t go out of date and can always be used at other events too.

A Note Pad – Take a notepad per employee so you have something to write notes on as you speak to visitors. Make sure you write down their details and the reason you want to contact them after the event. Write clear notes as you will be speaking to a lot of people.

Tablecloths – if you are being supplied a table or taking your own, make sure you take a table covering. Think about your brand colours or the image you want to portray and choose a tablecloth that will do that.

Boxes and Bags – how your items came may not be how they leave. Your flyers may be wrapped tightly in plastic that has now been destroyed when you open your flyers so take spare bags and boxes to bring your items back from the event in. You will also have extra materials from visitors and other stands that you don’t arrive with.

Phone Charger – If you don’t have electric to your stand take a portable phone charger to charge your phone as you’ll quickly use up your battery with photos of your stand, social media posts of the event and such like.

Selfie Stick – If you want to take photos or videos of the day then make sure you take a selfie stick as this will come in very handy.

Mints – Starting the day with a coffee may have given you the energy boost you needed, but your breath is no longer minty fresh so have some mints to hand to suck on. Try and avoid gum as chewing at your stand never looks professional.

Shoes – You want a change of shoes for putting up the stand and taking it down, especially if you are choosing to wear high heels for the business exhibition. Your feet will thank you for a change of shoes at the end of the event.

Do you think we have missed off any essential items from the list? What would you add?